We manufacture a fiberglass replacement body for the Jeep CJ7 and Wrangler YJ. These bodies are colour impregnated, and can be ordered in your choice of colour.

Our replacement bodies can be fitted most original Jeep chassis’ and almost any of the later pick up and SUV chassis’ out there. The standard wheelbase is 2400mm, but if you plan to fit tyres larger than 33”, you can start off with a 2500mm wheelbase. Our pocket flares will accomadate them with ease.

We have steel reinforcements bonded into our bodies. These run in the floor, for mounting body to chassis. Also all over the body where we mount hinges. You can simply drill and tap the holes, to your requirements. We also offer a “timesaver” package, where we drill the holes, tap them and do the final fitment and alignment of the components, at an additional charge.

Our body tub is the same for the CJ and The Wrangler. We offer a some differences though. You can choose to have a fold down, or swing open tail gate. You can choose between the ever popular classic CJ front end styling or the more up to date Wrangler, now with the choice of round headlights.

We manufacture a range of stainless steel hinges for the mounting of the hood, tail gate, doors, and windscreen frame.

We are also in the development stages with a CJ2 body. We will offer this body with the choice of an MB grille or the standard CJ unit. These bodies will also be available in colour impregnated gelcoat finish. 

Jeep Bodies

We manufacture the Jeep Wrangler YJ  and CJ7 fibreglass replacement bodies. We also manufacture the Jeep Cj2 fibreglass replacement bodies. All of these can be ordered colour impregnated in your choice of colour