This is probably the most replicated sports car in the world. Due to a lot of very specific demand, we have decided to look down this lane, and would love some input from you, our valued customer.

There is wide range of variations on this subject. They range from very home made, back yard jobs to some of the finest high value hand built automobiles.

They all have one thing in common nowadays, no common man can afford one. Our plan is to produce a strong light weight chassis, complete fiberglass body in gelcoat finish, and the major balance of the parts shelf at your local parts outlet. We want to provide you with the part numbers, and our basic manufactured components, a little bit of guidance and the opportunity to build your own sports car at an affordable price. This way, you will also be able to spread the build period of your car over your own calendar.

The idea behind a gelcoat finish body, is that you will require no paintjob. The body will come in a solid colour of your choice. We will soon start on this development, so feel free to drop us a mail, and give us your input.